Monday, November 26, 2012

Oh yes, I've been busy

Thanksgiving sort of shook up the routine, but I've been working away on my projects.

All the blocks for the third design-your-own are finished and ready to be made into a top.

Blocks for a group quilt. This will be cool with stripped sashing. It's all batiks.

The inside of Prisma is put together. Ready for the first border, and the outer border, which is more strata.

Slowly but surely. Plugging away at the in-process pile. The holidays are upon us, but hopefully I can still keep plugging away at the stack.

Thanksgiving at "the crik" was fun, as always. Burgers on the grill, and a turkey, and family/friends. How could it be bad? I hope yours was as much fun as ours.

Thanks for stopping by.

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