Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Blocks, and the World Quilt Show

Whew, what a crazy long weekend! We did an impromptu shop hop. We also included Ikea and Crate & Barrel in our hopping. We wandered the state, changing directions on a whim, deciding where - or even if - to stop for the night towards late afternoon. What fun that was!  My credit card didn't completely melt, but it's looking a little bendy. Pics of the new stuff later.

Here's my progress for yesterday - more blocks for the design-your-own. I used the "wrong" side of the starry fabric on some of the HST blocks. What the heck - I paid for both sides.

Half-square triangle blocks and 9-patches

The World Quilt Show (West Palm Beach, Florida) was wonderful, as always. Here are a few pics of the quilts that impressed me most. Some of them are for the quilting rather than the quilt. Wow, there was a lot of quilting on some of them!

More pics of the show tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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