Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scrap-o-process and some tools

I made more scrapolator blocks today. The start of making this quilt was easy for me. You need a bunch of strips. Well, when I cut fabric, I always cut an extra 2 1/2" strip or two (because there are approximately  947 thousand million quilts you can make with strips of that size).  I keep these in the "2 1/2 inch strip" drawer.
(Aren't they nice and neat?)
I always, also, end up with random strips for whatever reason. These go in the "not 2 1/2 inch strip" drawer.
Hmmm. Not so neat.

When I started making the blocks,  I grabbed a bunch of strips from the "not" drawer and cut them into (approximately) 10" pieces. That's an OK size, but I'm only getting one triangle per strip set. For the all-brights version of scrapolator, I cut the strips in half (20") and I get 3 triangles from each of those strip sets.

The strip sets should be totally random, so I grab a handful of strips and toss 'em on the table. I don't care what strip I grab next - it gets sewn on regardless of whether it "matches" or not.  (By the way, to get your strips all mixed up really good, toss them in the dryer on air fluff for about 10 minutes. That'll mix 'em up for you!)

A random handful-o-strips

Now turned into a bunch of strip sets. all pressed and waiting to be cut.

Voila! A stack-o-triangles

And here are the remains. I used these in the wonky star, here

5 more blocks, waiting to be trimmed

Trimmed and neat and added to the stack of blocks. Now there are 45.

Here are the sewing tools I can't live without

My fingers get soooo dry when I'm piecing; Sortkwik is my solution. And a stiletto is a must for me. My two best sewing buddies.

So only a little progress today, but some is better than none. Now to go knit a bit and make progress on the scarf.

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