Sunday, December 30, 2012

And just like that, not so much!

As productive as the previous day was, Saturday was a relative bust! I got a little done, but not much.

The second set of Blue Onion blocks are done:

Here's a close-up

They are made from sliced stacks. Here's the book, by Karla Alexander. The pattern is Red Onion. I made this once in browns and tans (me!!). It turned out really nice,

 so now I'm experimenting with blues and the wonderful Westminster target fabric. (I don't have the one above anymore: I gifted it.)

I did a little more knitting - can you tell the difference? (HA!)

Just for fun, here are the current "Books on the Nightstand" (yes, I read multiple books at a time).

Fiction: (on the iPad) The Racketeer. John Grisham (he's always a good read)
Non-fiction: The Nine. Jeffrey Toobin (about the Supreme Court)
Philosophy: Ethical Theory. Louis P. Pojman (what can I say? I love this stuff)
Classic: The House of the Seven Gables. Nathaniel Hawthorne

I also listen to audio books as I sew. I've just finished Victims, by Jonathan Kellerman (goodness, he's a productive writer!!) and made a library run for another fresh selection, so nothing on the stereo at the moment.

Two fun blog reads for the day:
Victoria Findlay Wolfe (again) - her favorite moments from the Africa trip
Jane LaFazio - how much fun are these plates and cups?

Hmm. No wonder I have days when I don't get much sewing done!! Well, off to put in the miles: it's right-smart chilly out this morning. The walk will be ... um ... refreshing.

Thanks for stopping by! Come back and visit soon.

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