Sunday, December 23, 2012

Not much to update

It's been mostly cooking and prepping for THE BIG DAY. Of course, it's over early for me since I host the family for brunch. Now that everyone is grown, they have their other families to attend to. This brunch thing works great for us. Really it's more breakfast than brunch - we gather at around 10:30. That gives me the rest of Christmas day to - yes - sew.

So far I've made saltine toffee, peppermint bark, dilly ranch oyster crackers, and oreo truffles. The truffles and bark were new items for me this year; I'd not made them before. Melting white "chocolate" in the microwave was a challenge, but I overcame it. When I made the bark, the chocolate melted beautifully. When I made the truffles the next day, it never melted and was a burnt mess.  I thought I'd have to toss the truffles, but then realized the difference: The Bowl. Aha! I whipped out my ancient (heavy) pyrex bowl again and the chocolate melted beautifully. Lesson learned!

Other than cooking and prepping, I've only been working on bindings. OK - binding. Singular. Hopefully I'll finish that one today - I only have about 12 more inches (but I'm exhausted after the walk AND the cooking AND the cleanup AND the prepping), then I can take a pic and post it on the "finishes" page (and learn how Pages works here in blog land).

It's cold in sunny northeast Florida today. Below freezing, so I'm waiting till about 9:00 before taking my walk. Hopefully the sun will have warmed things up a bit more by then.

And that's what I've been up to for the past few days. Thanks for stopping by.

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