Wednesday, February 22, 2012

QOTW - Week 7

Sheesh - here it is the middle of week 8 already and I'm just now posting week 7. Such is the busy life of a retiree! :)

(Oops - no close-up!)  The churn-dash blocks and inner border are all plaids. This is another one of those quilts from the UFO bin. Doing a quilt a week is good incentive to get into those ufos and get them done!

I'm busy gathering stuff for The Great Packing event. There's a lot to think about, knowing I'll be gone for so long - but I'm getting there. Isn't it always the case that it takes forever for "the event" to get here, then all of a sudden OMG IT'S HERE!!!!  I drove around with the cargo carrier on the car for a week or so to see if it felt any different; it doesn't. Still, I worry about those winds in New Mexico and Arizona! Will my  car be blown off the road? I hope not. The carrier is nicely aerodynamic, but still .....

My trip starts in two weeks (and 1 day, if you wanna get technical about it). Then (Donna) I will blog every day so I'll have a good record of where I went and what I did. It worked well last year.  Expect BIG things this year; I know I am!!  Until then - my life seriously is not that interesting!

I spent President's Day here:

Lunch at Brett's (this is the view from the windows), then shopping in the little Fernandina Beach village. I bought lots of clothes. You know what? All the seaside villages look the same - I'm convinced of that. They're all unique with what they have to offer, of course, but they all look alike. :) I kind of like that!

My book group is reading "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" this month. I finished it this week. I really enjoyed it and do not know how a movie could be made from this book. The reviews (of the movie) I've read have not been kind: I can understand that. I probably will not go to see the movie, but recommend the book. It's an easy read.

I have to find a consignment shop!

Thanks for stopping by!!

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