Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quilt of the Week - Week 6

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you're smooching what you want to be smooching today!! (I'm smooching my sewing machine.)

Yea ... again Sunday got away from me. Oh well. Here's the big reveal:

You see what I mean about the "built-in" border? It was great to not have to add more once all the rows & columns were sewn together.

And the closeup:

The fabric did all the work in the border. The pattern called for roman stripe half-blocks, but I used the Elementals batik stripe and let it work some magic. Yay!! I have serious boltage of this fabric - in many colors. It's very useful! (Yes I buy the occasional bolt - and occasionally multiple bolts.)

This pattern is from a 2006 magazine. Full disclosure: most of the inside blocks were already done and sitting around in one of my UFO bins; I didn't have to make ALL the parts this week! Great way to decrease the size of the UFO stacks, tho, yes??  One more thing - this quilt was really pretty ugly until the border blocks got made. I was really disappointed (maybe that's why it was in the UFO bin for so long), but the border blocks pulled everything together.  The moral? Keep going! Even if it's ugly at the end, you'll have learned something.

OK off to your loved one/thing you love! Enjoy the rest of this glorious day! (It's beautiful here in northeast Florida today.)

Thanks for stopping by!!

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