Wednesday, June 22, 2011

13 Weeks - Week 3 Check-in

Quilt? Check! Recipe? Check! Pound? Check!

A good week, indeed. Here's week 3's quilt, and a little more detail, as well.

It's a fun, simple pattern that I tweaked just a little bit by adding some wonkified small batik panels. I love those things, have lots of packages of them, and think they make a great addition to a simple quilt. The pattern is simple, but loved by just about everyone that sees it. Fabric choice is the key.

The recipe this week was stuffed peppers. Who'd think I could live this long and have NEVER made stuffed peppers? Well .... can't say that anymore! And they were quite yummo!

Even with the stuffed peppers, another pound came off. I'm actually ahead of "schedule", but am keeping mum about how much in case I need to borrow some of it for a week that a pound didn't come off. :) Just one pound a week ... that's a good target.

I'm adding one more thing to my list this week - this:

This scarf - again, just a simple, simple project - has been sitting in this state for weeks! I'm going to finish it this week! I'm finding that putting commitments on the blog nudges my accountability (to myself) and I'm much more focused on getting things done. We'll see if it works for this as well!!!

Here's a little preview of the Week 4 quilt. What's it going to grow up to be??? Stay tuned!

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  1. Your first three quilts are wonderful! And the plan is working. Interesting fabrics for week 4... looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


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