Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wednes... er .... Saturday check-in Week 5

Wow, how did those days get away from me? Well, here's the status even though I'm in the midst of week 5 already.

Quilt & pound - check. New recipe and scarf? Sad trombone sound (alas!!) Here's the quilt:

This is from one of the many free patterns you can download for use with pre-cuts. This pattern called for charm squares and layer cakes, but then you trim the 10x10s. I didn't like that, so sketched out the cutting from fat quarters and was able to get 2 quilts - this big one and a small one I'll donate - from the FQs.

Working with simple patterns (I call it "drone quilting" - no need to think) is having a happy side effect; I wake up each morning with zillions of ideas bursting out into my sketchbook. I guess my mind is wandering so much as I'm sewing that the creative part of me is able to be in full-tilt-boogie mode. I'm going to keep doing drone quilts for the remainder of the 13 weeks and hopefully my sketchbook will be spilling over with ideas that I can start putting into fabric.

The recipe was going to be grilled peaches (how easy was that??) so I'll probably get to that this week. I made lots of progress on the scarf but have another few inches to go before I can call it "complete". There was a trip to the yarn shop this week too for sweater inspiration. I almost made it out with no new yarn but on my way to the check-out counter I caved. Oh well - it's very yummy stuff!! I don't know what it's going to be when it grows up, but it'll be wonderful!

So onward with the rest of week 5. Happy Independence Day to all!

Here's the starters for this week's quilt:

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. LOVE the new quilt, Gale! I didn't know those were called "drone quilts" but I love them and those happen to be alot of ones that I sew! :) Can you direct me to the pattern for this one, where to find it? I'd love to make it too! Hope you are doing great! Ruth Wright


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