Monday, June 13, 2011

13 Weeks - or - how I'm spending my summer, uh, "vacation"

Recently in my Morning Pages (daily journal, for those not familiar with Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way) I've been mulling over the best use of my newly-gotten retirement time. After all, I don't want to just waste it away! I've been looking forward to this for too long! I have quilts to be made, you know. So I thought about some of the posts I've read on other blogs, some of the activities of Facebook friends and I thought about making a (simple) quilt a week for a year. That would keep me focused and productive. But I know me. A YEAR??? Seriously??? Nope. Wouldn't happen. I took a step back, decided 3 months was a good trial period, saw that June 1 to August 31 was 13 weeks and "13 Weeks" is the result.

13 weeks. 13 quilts. 13 pounds. 13 new recipes.

There are a bunch of simple quilts I've wanted to make and if I stay focused, I could make one a week. And hey - I bet I could lose a pound a week. After all, that's the low-end of reasonable expectations for any weight loss program. And now that I have time to cook, it'd be fun to actually make some of those recipes I've been collecting. Yea, even while trying to lose 13 pounds. So I started on June 1 but it took me this long to finally write the blog post! :o) Wednesdays are my check in day so this is the update for last Wednesday, June 8.

So far so good! Here's the first quilt.

I wanted it to look like stained glass, and I think it kinda worked.

New recipe: blueberry frozen yogurt. Um .... fail! Yea it's blueberry-y, and yea it's yogurt, but ... it's not quite desert. Oh well; not all recipes work!

That one pound? Well it took me an extra day, but it's gone. Walking 5 miles most days (nix the smokey ones, though!) is helping that effort (and feels great, by the way! I couldn't have done that a year ago!!!)

So this is how I'm spending my summer weeks. Now that I've put it out in the blogosphere, I'm accountable (which should really help with meeting the goals!!) Anyone else wanna play?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Here's wishing you the best for you 13 week goal! Love the quilt!


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