Wednesday, June 15, 2011

13 Weeks, Week 2

Week number 2 is a success! Here's quilt #2 (and FYI, expect to see it's twin in a couple of weeks)
Right now I'm happy playing with pretty fabrics in simple patterns, using up some of that stash!!

Pound #2 is also off. WooHoo!! In spite of the smoke cutting into my walking days!! (Today was the worst yet.)

Recipe of the week was a recipe I made up - chicken in oj, red wine, & mango chutney. Kinda sounds disgusting doesn't it?? It was WONDERFUL! That's a definite keeper! (By the way, for those of you that have access to a Fresh Market, they're having great meat deals on Tuesdays. Check it out!) (No affiliation - just a fan!!)

I'm really into this 13-week thing and see more of it in my future. I've also been very intrigued with the 12x12 quilting group (see them at or and think I may start playing along with their theme and their deadlines. I'm finding that this deadline thing works well for me. I shouldn't be surprised, tho, since my entire working life was deadline driven!! Looks like I'll be getting some quilting done after all!! Retirement is great!

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  1. Hi Gale - sounds as though you are being quite productive! By the way, I recently subscribed to the 12 x 12 blog but have had so little time to read it. Will have to go a little deeper.
    And Kathy York's Central Park quilt was in the Volusia Wrapped in Fiber exhibit in Daytona. It's looked like great fun to make!


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