Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I think I've recovered!

I think I have sufficiently "recovered" and reorganized after my trips so that I can start posting again. (A week after returning from cross-country, I again departed for 2 weeks at the beach.) I've been putting stuff away from all 3 trips as well as getting in a little sewing and knitting.

This really is the first period of time that I'm starting to see what my retirement will be like. I recommend it to everyone! It sure is nice to not have a commitment every day; some days I can change my mind 50 times if I so desire! I still to not like to spend the day in my jammies, though. I need to be dressed (regardless of how casually) to feel like I'm being productive.

It's already so very hot here in Florida! I need to leave for my walk by about 7:30 or it gets way too unbearable. When I get back home I can work in the yard for another hour or so (since I'm already sweaty) but it's really too late into the hot months to do any plantings. So right now I'm pulling up stuff that I want to change. I need to take some "before" pics!

This year at the beach I took fabrics for cutting (but did not take my sewing machine. For my quilty friends: shocker, huh??) and was able to cut out 10 quilts while I was there. I find I still want to make all (most?) of those quilts I planned to do once I retired, so I'm well on my way with the cutting done. You can hardly see a dent in my stash, though. Is this a good thing, or a bad thing??

Ah well - off to bake some pumpkin bread, fuzzy navel cakes, sew the long seams on the coins quilt, (Modabakeshop.com has some fun projects for the pre-cut fabrics we quilters can't resist!!) and cut out one more quilt (am I nuts or what??). Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I could never imagine spending a day in my jammies. I was raised on a farm and it was 'get up and get dressed to face the day'. Retirement is great!!


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