Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Last One for the Holiday Weekend

I finished one more quilt yesterday.  I'm considering my in-home retreat a giant success! I started this quilt when I got to California (the first time) this year. I'd brought multiple projects with me because I knew I had 3 weeks of dedicated sewing time. But are our current projects ever enough? Actually they would have been, but when we got to San Juan Bautista and I saw this quilt on the wall, I had to have it. So here it is - all finished!

This pattern is Red Letter Day by Camille Roskelly. So fun and cute!

Fabulous quilting by the girls at Lynne's. 

Yes, magic binding again, but I used a white flange so it would blend in with the background.

Close-up for the little cuties on the back. Sorry but I was too lazy to flip this photo.  😊

Cute backing for a cute quilt. This quilt is just full of too much cuteness!

Now it'll go be a sample for awhile.

Here's the recap of the last few quilts. Boy, does it feel good to get these done!

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by!

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