Thursday, May 21, 2015

Another Finish

At the moment, I'm focusing on finishing. I have a stack of pieces that need either only binding, or quilting then binding. (The ones needing quilting are small works.) I'm devoting the next few days - through the holiday - to getting as many of these FINISHED as possible: there are far too many UFO project in this household.  

This is my latest 2015 finish:

The pattern is called "5 & 10". It was a free pattern at one time, but I can no longer find the link for it. Simple stuff, although it really should have been called "5 & 8", because the big block is an 8" square.  The smaller blocks are indeed 5", then sashed. The pattern calls for starting with a layer cake, but I have used my stash whenever I've made one of these. 

(I see a piece of my precious Red Sea fabric below. I have very little left and still treasure it after all these years.)

I didn't have any more of the border fabric (I probably do somewhere), but had enough of this great stripe to use for the binding. I think it worked better with the dash of yellow than if I'd had just the stripe for the binding; the eye doesn't get confused trying to resolve the stripe of the binding with the random squares in the border fabric,

Again I used the magic binding technique. 

It turns out quite well, and with just a tiny pop of contrast.  I have one project where I will use the same fabric as the border for the "piping" so that it will blend into the quilt rather than contrasting.  Can't wait to see how that works! Although I enjoy the hand work part of the bindings, sometimes I need to get things completed, and not all quilts need the handwork; many can use a machine-finished binding.  Have you tried it yet?

Let's see what today brings!  Thanks for stopping by.

2015 counts
Tops: 8 ( I think this needs updating)
Finishes: 12 (4 quilts, 8 other)

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