Friday, December 5, 2014

More Progress

It's been a productive few days. 

I've finally finished the last of the stacked pincushions. They'll also be in The Etsy shop soon. One is sold already.

I finished the last of the 16 patches.  I had only made half as many as I needed, which meant making the second half was not fun! But they're done, so now I can lay out this quilt and get it together.

I've finished sewing the blocks for the Fractured quilt and have started putting the rows together.

This was a lesson in perseverance. When I got the first row put together and on the design wall, my heart fell. I thought "oh no, I don't like this at all!"  But the blocks were made so I wasn't about to give up. When I got the second row on the design wall. I started to like it a lot.  Now I love it.  Perseverance!

This quilt needs discernible contrast, but not terribly stark throughout. The middle blocks need to be strong and stand out so that your eye immediately picks up the pattern.  You can see that in my row centers. I think lesser-contrast blocks are adding a bunch of visual interest to this piece, however, so mix it up!

I'm road-tripping today, so probably no progress in the sewing room will be made - but there's always tomorrow!  Thanks for stopping by.

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