Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Fractured is now finished and added to the list of 2014 finishes.

(Pre-quilting photo, just to show the top.)

The quilting was done by Cathy Peters of Longarm Quilting . The pattern is fractured, from the book Making Quilts by Kathy Doughty. I'm very pleased with this quilt. Now it will go live at Cinnamons Quilt Shoppe for awhile as a shop sample. No plans for it's forever-home yet. 

Nothing else to report today because I spent all day yesterday with my sewing group, then in front of the mindless TV so I could finish the binding.  

Oh - one final fabric binge for the year. I'm going to try - try - to not buy any new fabric in 2015 (I hear you laughing!), so I had that one last indulgence before the freeze. Sort of like that last big meal before the diet, only with fabric. Pics tomorrow.

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  1. Well I said the same thing one year and I didn't buy fabric. What I did do was have my sister-in-law buy the fabric and I gave her some of mine. I didn't buy any!!!! Good luck, my friend, and I think most of my friends would not run out of fabric if we stopped buying for 10 years :) Love you finished quilt and back!!


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