Monday, January 7, 2013

And still more blocks

Another day of strip sets, triangles, and ultimately Scrapolator blocks. Gosh they are such fun to make! Here's the latest batch:

Here's the close-up, featuring another Flamingo:

(Hello, everybodeeeeeeeeeeee)

This brings the total to 66 blocks, which means I only have 15 more to go for the first true-scrappy top. Of course, there are those border blocks to go yet .... But who knew these would get done as quickly as they did? I'll be ready to put together the "inside" soon.

Tomorrow I'll have a "finish" to post. I didn't get many finishes in 2012 but there are many things SO CLOSE that 2013 should be a very productive year. Of course, there will be 3 trips to California this year (only one driving, though), an anticipated trip to Hawaii (which will be part of my 3rd trip to CA), and hopefully another trip to Europe. I'll be away a total of about 4 months over the course of this year. That will elbow out some of the anticipated "finishes", I'm sure. Oh well. I'm doing it (traveling) while I can!

Off to the sewing machine! There are quilts to be made!

Thanks for stopping by.

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