Saturday, October 1, 2011

"13 Weeks" Pushes the Reset Button

Life is what happens while you're making plans. My life certainly got in the way of my plans over the last few weeks! Reflection tells me that one of the reasons is because of the vague focus for this set of 13 weeks - especially considering the zeroed-in focus of my first 13-week session! So ... today being the first day of a new month, with only 3 months left in 2011 (oh please! don't remind me!), I'm pushing the reset button and starting a new 13-weeks.

13 weeks. 13 (more) pounds. 13 finishes. 13 bags(or boxes)-o-stuff out of my house.

Now I feel focused. I honestly did feel like I was wandering, with no direction, during the month of September.  Here's the recap of the month:
  • It was a good month for weight-loss; I lost 8.5 pounds in September.  Total since starting 13 weeks: 25.5. Awesome! I went shopping for new clothes yesterday - because, seriously, my clothes were way beyond "don't fit".  (Yes, I know the . should be within the ", but it makes more sense to me to do it the English way.)
  • Quiltfest Jacksonville. Great show that ate lots of my time!
  • Accomplishments? Well, I really don't feel like I accomplished anything - even though I did. Among other things I finished a few quilts (finished, to me, means the label is on. Sometimes the label is nothing more than sign/date using a Sharpie on the quilt back, but that makes it "a finish"!!)
  • Techniques? Didn't happen. Well, I made that book the first week, and started other things, but really - techniques did NOT get done.
September gets marked up to lessons learned: have a specific goal & don't be so vague. The continue weight loss is a success, however - and really does use a LOT of my time & energy! I am up to 5.5 miles per day (most days), going for 6 in the next week or two.  I'll maintain at 6 miles for awhile, though, I'm tellin' ya!

So .... reset with me! Away I go to some finishes, and getting stuff out of my house so my poor heirs won't have to do it when I'm gone!

Thanks for stopping by .... and hanging in there with me!

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