Friday, November 26, 2010

I've met the enemy and it is ....

... the television. Period.

Television eats my time. Yesterday I had the whole day to be one with my sewing machine. I did some work in the early part of the day (putting together half of the second HST quilt), then the TV took hold of me and ate the rest of my day. I speak of it as some kind of animate object because, well, it IS! Once the screen is filled and the voices are in the speakers, my brain is sucked in and put on hold. The TV is like a Dementor! It sucks out my sewing soul. Soooo .....

..... today starts another new healthy habit: less TV. This has been on my yearly goals and monthly "25 things" for ages. Clearly I've not yet accomplished it! However, I DO have the power to not turn on the power! :-) It's a bad habit, just like many other bad habits in my life that I'm working to turn around these days. But by golly I can kick the TV habit's butt, too! I have an extensive music collection and I do enjoy NPR very much! I'm also going to make trips to the library for audio books. I NEED to give up the television habit!

Off to the studio!

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