Monday, November 29, 2010

The fully formed new artist - NOT!

Ugh! I'm failing spectacularly at trying to finish my must-do's. What is it that keeps me from JUST DOING IT? Boredom, maybe. (I'm tired of the project) Having to do "something else first", perhaps. (Either I have to move clutter, or finish X on project Y - something else first). I'm stopped from my small works because I've not sketched anything to put on my blanks. Why not? Because I think my very first sketch should be perfect.

Somehow I think that my sketches should be perfect from the moment I pick up a pencil rather than totally accepting that I need to practice. Logically I KNOW I need to practice but somehow I haven't yet mentally accepted it. Well ... today's a good day to start, eh?

Off to practice!!

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