Friday, November 22, 2013

The Big and the Small

I've been doing big things - learning my long arm, and small things - making pincushions.

Practice, practice, practice for the long arm. I have a huge stack of tops for practicing that will be donated once they have their bindings. The machine stitches beautifully, and getting the rhythm is going quite well. (I have a Martelli LaCresta, not computerized).  It's fun to get back into quilting my own quilts again, although it will be a long time until I totally stop supporting my friendly neighborhood long-arming ladies!! 

I'm also making billions and billions of pincushions for a gift swap.  OK, 30 - but it SEEMS like billions. It takes me a full evening to stuff just one (they're chubby little suckers) What was I thinking!

My hand is in that one for perspective.  They still need their little yoyo caps, but they're just the cutest darn things! All from the scrap basket(s).  It's fun to remember the quilts that were made from those fabrics.

Staying busy.  That's a good thing.  Thanks for stopping by.

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