Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Small Stuff

A few more art dots got completed this week:

I also am in the midst of exploring the design options for these little wristlets:
So many possibilities, and in such a small space. These are easy to whip out in a couple of hours, and won't they make great gifts?

Here are my two newest favorite things:
A thimble that sticks to my fingertip

And these terrific binder clips from Clover.

 I've used hair clips for years, but was quickly converted when finishing a binding for a friend. She had already clipped the binding down with these, and man! Love them! They work great for the art dot bindings, too. No affiliation - just love the product.

Still  practicing my long arming. None are picture worthy yet.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, and thanks for stopping by.

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