Thursday, February 6, 2014

GRT2014 Days 20-22 Santa Barbara, CA to Pacific Grove, CA

I write this as I'm having my breakfast, on my way out of Pacific Grove. But I'll be back in just a few days!

I spent time on Monday wandering around Santa Barbara since I'd not seen that part of the state.  Wow is it ever beautiful! They do not have the rocky beaches that this part of the state enjoys, but they certainly have some spectacular scenery.  For those that have access to my Facebook page, these pics will be duplicates, but heck, who minds seeing such gorgeousness again?

Oh  rats. All the good ones are on the computer. I'll update this post later today.

I left Santa Barbara around 1:00, heading to Morro Bay. I had read a bit about it and it seemed like a good place to spend Some time. I wanted to settle in for a few nights rather than jumping from place to place on my way to my friend Kathy's house in Dublin. It was a short hop - just a little over 100 miles. 

I promise I was NOT looking for the quilt shop. I simply arrived into the town of Morro Bay and there was the shop, right on the corner of one of the main intersections. Talk about location! You don't think I passed it by, do you. Not only no, but hell no! I whipped right into their (tiny) parking lot & made myself right at home. I got advice for a hotel, an invitation to a retreat that starts today (turned that down), and good chat about quilts. Since I knew I would be in town for 3 nights, I figured I could make my purchases later.


After spending some time driving around the tiny berg, I decided I didn't really like it after all. I headed north. Pacific Grove, here I come! I know my way around here pretty well now, so didn't really care that
it was dark by the time I got here.  I had a few minutes of panic, though, about halfway up when I remembered the AT&T golf tournament is going on this week. Crap! Would I find a hotel? 

Not only did I find a hotel, I found a gem. Andril Fireplace Cottages is just great! I had a suite, which is really more like a little 3 room apartment.  Honestly, I could live in that little place!  The fireplace and full size kitchen were worth the price of admission.

And really, how can it be bad when your wood bin is stocked for you every day and all you have to do is start the fire? They even stocked wine glasses. Yep. I'm good.  

So I spent my two full days here making up for not walking earlier in the trip. I walked all day both days,  both in exercise mode, and in looking-around mode. Wandered some streets I hadn't been down before, got my pesky roots taken care of, and generally enjoyed myself. I thought I might break out the sewing machine, but that didn't happen either. My plans are usually just mere suggestions. I walked instead.  (For those of you that know about Back Porch Fabrics, I haven't been the yet. My Visa melted in Scottsdale, remember? Gotta get that billing cycle closed first.)

So I spent the time just enjoying this beautiful pace. Have a look.

And that's just a glimpse of the beauty that is Pacific Grove.  No wonder the butterflies come back here every year. (And me, too!)

I'm over 3000 miles into my journey. I keep forgetting to check the tripometer, but its keeping track. I'm so glad you're enjoying the trip with me!

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Gail

    Following you with a bit of envy! Pacific Grove in particular is one of my favorite places to go and I haven't been there for 10 years! Enjoy it for all of us! Love the pix!

    Nancy Show

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time and that is all it's about! So glad! Enjoy!

  3. Lovely post, GMWoo!! So glad you're in my neck of the world!!
    K Woo

  4. So happy you're close by now and looking forward to our time at Empty Spools!!! XX, Dolores


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