Friday, July 6, 2012

Mid-Year Report Card and Goals

My NUMBER ONE post in January (1/1/12) listed my goals for the year. I said that I was bypassing the moon and shooting straight for Jupiter. So how'd I do?  In a word: FABULOUS! I have not met even one of the goals I set for myself! Why is this fabulous?  Because of what I've learned.

I've learned that I like to take a picture to document something or another, but that I'm just not that into photography. Really. And that's perfectly OK with me!  I've learned that being a non-consumer is not part of my being. There are many things I have to be strong about: buying fabric, yarn, and new clothes for a smaller me are not included in the "be strong" arena.  I've learned that the only way to de-clutter successfully is to make sure I don't add anything new to the pile. I've gotten really good at this part, and really HAVE de-cluttered A LOT so far this year. As for the quilt-of-the-week, well, that really suffered a set-back when I was traveling for 3 months - and THAT is perfectly OK with me!! The travel was just so great! Most importantly I've learned that setting outrageous, Jupiter-like goals will help me weed out what is and is not important to me.

So here it is at mid-year and I'm ready to set a new goal. FINISH! I'm going to work on finishing up the stacks-o-projects that accumulate around those of us that love to sew/quilt/stitch/journal/and-just-about-any-other-craft. Of course I certainly would not be able to finish all the stacks by the end of the year (which speaks volumes to what I have sitting around, doesn't it?) but I AM going to work on making a rather large. I'm also going to try to avoid starting anything new, which will be very hard for me. Will I make it? Stay tuned!!


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