Wednesday, August 10, 2011

13-Weeks check in - Week 10

Wow, it's Wednesday already!  I've been running the streets today, melting my credit card. JoAnn's has the Go Baby cutter on sale and with all the blogging being done about that little gem, well .... of course I just HAD to have one! So now I do. And a bunch of dies to go with it.  Yeow! The cutter is cheap in comparison!  But what the heck - no one's goin' hungry because I bought this stuff!!

OK so what about the week?  It was great! Three check marks this week - quilt, pound, and recipe (roasted squash).  Here's the quilt:

It's the small version of the week 5 quilt.  This'll be another donor quilt - perfect for a wheelchair person. My sewing machine is at the Bernina home, waiting to get it's routine maintenance done.  They are backed up & it won't be ready for "a couple of weeks."!!!  Trusty Featherweight to the rescue! There are quilts to be made!!

I can't believe 10 weeks have gone by already. The summer months are almost over; hopefully that will mean a break in the weather from those of us sweltering in the heat.  It's hot here in Jacksonville, but my friends in (and near) Dallas have it even worse. What a brutal year for heat it's been!

Sewing weekends are coming up! Can't wait for the retreat at Camp Blanding next weekend!  Meanwhile - Friday night at Cinnamon's! Will I see any of you at either place?????

Happy stitching, or whatever your joy may be! Thanks for stopping by.

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