Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 1

Hello. My name is Gale and I am a quilter.

If that sounds like an introduction in any 12-step program, well .... read on and you will see that quilting IS an addiction!!

I did not know when I took my first "learn to quilt" class that this would lead to an intense love affair with fabric, quilts and sewing machines. I have been quilting for 20 years ... I have more fabric than I will ever use in one lifetime ... more sewing machines than I care to admit ... UFOs too numerous to even want to count ... and I embrace my addiction! Many quilters have a sewing room; I have a sewing HOUSE (that just happens to also have a bed and a kitchen).

I have long wanted to blog - about sewing, quilting, those unfinished projects, (as well as politics and philosophy, but those blogs will live under a different name), so Day 1 is my start.

My intent is to blog about what I want to finish "next", commit to a date to have it completed, then meet that date. My hope is that the "publicness" of a blog will provide me with just the challenge I need to actually do what I've planned. Although I would not consider myself even an amateur photographer, I will post pictures of where I'm at and where I'm going in my UFO world. I will also post about works-in-process and where they might be headed.

I hope this will be a FUN experience, and I hope to meet many other quilters that share my passion (and a long list of UFO'S!!). Your comments are welcomed!

Welcome to my blog. Who knows what comes next

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